List of Best Italian Restaurants in Harlem

Harlem is popular for its foods and restaurants among all other things to watch and experience. If you are in Harlem and you do not taste out the Italian cuisines, you are seriously committing a crime. However, not all restaurants can serve the authentic Italian delicacies to make you a lifetime fan of Italian food. The following is the list of the best Italian restaurants in Harlem, you need to check in once.

1. Babbalucci

Babbalucci is a dedicated Italian restaurant and it is open through the day for people to do their brunch, lunch, dinner, or grab a pizza. Apart from that, there are cocktails and wines, and they have a happy hour section for special dishes and a drop in price. The best part is that they use wood burn oven for some dishes to make them have the authentic taste of Italian dishes.


Lido is the name of a popular beach in Italy and this gives you an understanding of the kind of food you can expect. The foods are delicious and will be memorable for a lifetime. The atmosphere is also great and there are some special dishes on the menu that you can get exclusively in this restaurant only. It is an ideal place to dine with your friend, partner, or family members.


Pisticci is an Italian inspired name and they cook homespun dishes and the decoration and atmosphere are all Italian based. It is open all the time and they have the delivery option available. But it is best to have food in the restaurant to get a great Italian vibe from all the surroundings. There are also dedicates space for private partying.

4.Bono Trattoria

It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Harlem for a family dinner as they have long tables. It serves traditional Italian dishes and the brick oven pizza is a specialty. There are various signature dishes to try out and you can pair them with wine. It is also suitable for lunch, and they have dedicated brunch food items.

5. SottoCasa Pizzeria

Italian food is incomplete without pizza and this is the best place to get authentic Italian pizzas for different varieties to choose from. You can also opt for delivery to your hotel room or place you are staying. Apart from pizza, you will find pasta and various add-ons along with wine and beer.

Apart from these, you can visit Bettolona, Vinateria, Settepani, LaPiccolaCucina, all of which serve delicious Italian dishes that you will remember forever.

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