List of Best Lounges In Harlem That Are Worth Visiting

Lounges are those hotels and restaurants where you can go and sit and relax with your friends and family members. There are very casual and not like the profession restaurant where you just go, order, eat and leave. Most of the restaurants and hotels have separate rooms for lounging. Today, we are listing the best lounges in Harlem you can consider visiting.

1. Red Rooster

Red Rooster is one of the most popular restaurants in Harlem and when you visit it, you should check out the lounge area. The foods are amazing and the lounges are great to chill out with your friends and family members in the best way indoors in Harlem.

2. Nabe Underground Lounge

It is a dedicated lounge and a perfect place to party in Harlem with friends and strangers. After checking in, you will receive free specialty shots. It definitely qualifies as one of the most entertaining places in Harlem to enjoy yourself at the night time.

3. Cove Lounge

This is another dedicated lounge and if you are in Harlem, you should keep some time for lounging. This is one of the most affordable lounges and the foods and drinks are perfections to fill your mind with ecstasy.

4. Harlem Tavern

Just like Red Rooster, this is one of the most popular lounges in Harlem. The selection of drinks is superior and the nuggets and burgers will make the time spending memorable. The prices are reasonable. During the sports event, it is the liveliest place in Harlem.

5. Gin Fizz Harlem

If you are looking for a more seducing and romantic atmosphere for a lounge, this is the ideal choice for you. The vibe of the place is mind-blowing and the crowd that gathers every night is ecstatic and there are lush cocktails available to lose yourself. The music and ambiance are just perfect.

6. Corner Social

The creation of the lounge room will blow your mind. The café draws great crowds and it is open till late night. The foods and drinks are well selected and mixed. People are so accommodating and you are sure to have a gala time there.

7. Minton’s Playhouse

From its name, you can make out that you can get exposed to a lot of strangers to mingle with. There is beautiful music going on in the background to get you in the mood to have more drinks and lose yourself completely with its awesome vibe and ambiance.

Apart from these, Silvana’s downstairs lounge is also popular and there are singers, bands, and DJ performing to set your mood heavenly.

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