What Are The Different Types Of Green Tea Available?

There are a lot of health-conscious people who have given up drinking milk tea and even black and replaced that with the green tea. Out of all the tea varieties available, green tea is the most beneficial for the health. Green tea is associated with prevention of cancer and tumor growth, lowering bad cholesterol and stroke risk, and enhancing weight loss. There are different types of green tea available in the market as follows.

Different Types Of Green Tea


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It is the most popular green tea variety, and it is the first flush of green tea leaves. It has a large quantity of Vitamin C and therefore, it boosts the immune system. This is the perfect green tea for the winter. It is a Japanese green tea, and the leaves are rolled to intensify the flavor.



It is one of the costliest green tea because it is difficult to cultivate due to the need for shading from the direct sunlight. The green tea variety has a sweet flavor, and therefore, most of the green tea lovers prefer it. Moreover, the aroma of this green tea is unique. As far as the benefits go, it stimulates the nervous system, and it helps in making the skin healthy.

Gyokuro tea


This is one of the popular types of green tea, and it is beneficial for boosting metabolism. The tea leaves contain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, the green tea has a high quantity of natural caffeine, and therefore, it rejuvenates the body after waking up or after a day’s work. Besides, many prefer to have it before and after workout.

Tencha Tea


This is the powdered form of Tencha green tea, and when you mix it with hot water, you get a huge supply of nutrients. Matcha variant is also useful in rejuvenating your skin’s health and get rid of the toxins building up in your body. The preparation is also easy for the users as it comes in powdered form and therefore, better flavor and aroma can be felt while consuming.

Matcha Tea



This is another grounded green tea, but this one is cheaper than the rest and therefore, who consume green tea multiple times a day, they opt for it. However, the flavor of the green tea is bitter, and the taste is strong and sweet. But this green tea has more antioxidants, and it has a soothing effect on the stomach. It is highly effective against common cold and headache.

Funmatsucha Tea


This is a unique green tea where the tea is made from the twigs and stems rather than leaves. It is yellowish and brownish in color, and it has a light fragrance, and the flavor is relaxing. Moreover, it keeps the brain active, and you will feel refreshed and energized after consuming it.

Kukicha Tea


Konacha is a rare type for green tea known for its strong aroma. Genmaicha is a highly beneficial green tea that you can drink after eating fried foods as it is a soothing agent for the stomach. Bancha is a bitter green tea, and it is effective in preventing tooth decay and bad breath.

You should replace your tea and coffee with green tea as you can not only get the benefits of normal tea or coffee but also boost your immune system and prevent various diseases. It is the best stress buster, and it will help you to be healthy again from inside.

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