What types of food to eat during exams? Check them out

Whether you are going to write an exam or working on a mentally stressed job, you need to ensure that the type of food you are eating and your eating timings are correct. There is no secret that our diet affects us physically and mentally and it is more so when you are under stress. In fact, you need to eat healthy food items for the healthy performance of your brain. The following is the list of food to eat during exams to perform better than usual.

Rich In Iron and Zinc – We all know that iron and zinc improve mental concentration and enhance memory both of which are required during exams. Therefore, having fish, seafood, meat, nuts, and whole grains are recommended. For the whole grains, there are items like wholegrain cereals, brown rice and grain bread available.


During the exams, the breakfast plays the most important role. If you have a heavy breakfast, it can induce a sleepy state and make the brain lethargic. Therefore, make it light and eat a usual amount not excessive. Having yogurt, a handful of nuts and dried fruits, a bowl of cereal with milk, fresh fruits like a banana, sushi rolls, honey related dishes, hot milk, and likewise are preferable.


The food to eat during exams at lunch should be vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals and omega-3 based fishes like tuna, salmon, prawns and likewise. It can be a bowl of vegetable soup, a vegetable smoothie, baked beans, baked potato with tuna and meat slice, scrambled egg and likewise. Tuna fish is also considered as the best food for good sleep.


What you eat before the exams on the previous night can affect your mental state as the foods will get digested over the night. A sandwich with lean meat or chicken and salad can be enough to keep you full for the night and induce a quality sleeping experience. Avoid oily foods as they are difficult to digest leading to sleeplessness and digestive problems that will increase the anxiety and irritation level.

Apart from this, drinking a cup of coffee is going to be beneficiary because caffeine is highly effective in keeping the brain active and alert. If there is any tiredness, a cup of coffee can get rid of it. However, having too much caffeine can enhance anxiety. Moreover, drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep the body temperature under control and keep yourself calm and composed.

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