Have a Best Brunch in Harlem at these Places

Brunch is an amalgamation of breakfast and lunch. If you are visiting Harlem, after a day’s tour, it is usual for tourists to up late in the morning. They hardly get the time to do their breakfast and they break their fasts somewhere in between the traditional time period for breakfast and lunch. Therefore, the concept of brunch has become popular in Harlem and we are listing the best brunch in Harlem that you must visit and give your taste buds and your stomach a treat.

Red Rooster Harlem

It falls under the city’s most popular restaurants list and it is truly a unique place to be in. It is jam-packed at night and therefore, a perfect place to do your brunch. The menu has a wide range of delicious items and you get the perfect ambiance with the music playing in the background.

Amy Ruth’s

If you ask any Harlem local resident to recommend you places for brunching, they will surely recommend Amy Ruth’s. It is a perfect place to understand the culture of the Harlem as local people crowd the place. Moreover, it has a very traditional menu that is awesome for food-cravers.

BLVD Bistro

If you are searching for some real soul food, BLVD Bistro will win your heart with their brunching delicacies. You must taste the buttermilk sandwich, French toast, and the special fried chicken. It has the perfect setting from a family brunching and you will return with a cherishing memory.

The Cecil

It is known for its Afro-Asian and American influence on its food items and this place is sure to satisfy your appetites for great food. Starting from braised lamb ribs to fried chicken with flapjacks, this is a paradise cum classic place for meat lovers.

Seasoned Vegan

There are not many places for vegans to not just eat but enjoy their brunch. Seasoned Vegan is an exception and their menu has so many delicacies planned for your taste buds that you have to come back multiple days to check them all out. There is no way you can resist yourself even when you are on a diet. Most importantly, you get to try something refreshing as a vegan which is always welcoming.

Apart from these, you can also opt for Pisticci, Melba’s, The Edge, Lido, and Brunch Chronicles which are equally great. You can try out different food outlets every day to take back a rich food experience from Harlem.

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