How to make filter coffee without a coffee maker?


It is rather easy to make filter coffee in a coffee maker. But not many people have a coffee maker and neither do they intend to buy it. However, everyone knows that the taste of a filter coffee is beyond words. If you are looking for a way how to make filter coffee without a coffee maker, the following is the complete step-by-step process explaining how to make filter coffee. Otherwise, you can place online food order Bangalore to get filter coffee delivered to your home. Heat it up and have the mind-blowing beverage.

The Coffee Bag Method –

If you are the one who makes coffee with a coffee bag of coffee grounds, then this method is for you. What you need is a coffee filter, hot water, coffee grounds, string, and mug,

Step 1. Take a single serving of coffee grounds and pour it into your filter.

Step 2. Make a little pouch of the coffee grounds with the filter tightly.

Step 3. Then tie it with the string and there should be a long end of the string so that you can hand it outside your cup with a tea bag.

Step 4. Heat the water on gas or microwave and then place the coffee filter bag that you made in an empty mug.

Step 5. Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee filter bag in the mug.

Step 6. Wait for four minutes for the coffee to steep. Depending on whether you like strong coffee or light coffee, you can vary the time accordingly.

In the end, remove the filter and you can start enjoying a filtered coffee.

The Mesh Strainer Method –

If you find the above method slightly difficult, well, we have an easy one for you. If you use a tea strainer and wondering how to make filter coffee with it, the followings are the steps.

Step 1. Take normal water in the coffee mug. Then pour it into a kettle or saucepan.

Step 2. Add the correct amount of coffee grounds based on whether you want it strong or light and the number of mugs of water you have taken.

Step 3. Stir it and boil it for two minutes. Then take the kettle or saucepan out of the heating source.

Step 4. Take a mesh strainer that has conical structure and pour the coffee into the kettle or saucepan into it slowly.

Allow some time for the coffee to drain out of the strainer. That is how you make a filter coffee with a strainer.

This is how you can make the best coffee anytime with out a coffee maker.

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