How to prepare green tea in simple steps?

Green tea is the most recommended beverage by the doctors after water. There are so many different benefits that human beings can avail by consumption of green tea regularly. It has antioxidants and nutrients that can improve brain function, enhance fat loss, lower the risk of cancer and make the health better. Most of the people know the simple way of how to prepare green tea by dipping the tea bag into the warm water. But there are various brewing methods available that you can prepare with green tea leaves and powder which will be better for health and your taste buds.

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Using Green Tea Leaves

Get one teaspoon of green tea leaves for one cup of green tea. Get a cup, a clean tea strainer, a pot and a cup of water.

Step 1. Take one teaspoon of green tea leaves in the strainer and keep aside.

Step 2. Take the stainless steel pot or pan and pour the cup of water in it. Start boiling the water. The ideal temperature for green tea preparation is 80-85 degrees Celsius. You can use a thermometer to get the exact measure. In general, you can let the water boil and then let it cool down for one minute.

Step 3. Place the strainer with leaves over the cup.

Step 4. Pour the hot water from the pot or pan and let the tea steep for three minutes. In between, after every half minute, you can taste the tea to check if the flavor and the strength are right for you. Once you find that, you can do the exact duration every day.

You can add one teaspoon of honey to enhance the taste and enjoy your cup of green tea.

Using Green Tea Powder

Green tea powder is readily available in the market just like green tea bags. We are not covered how to prepare green tea with bags because everyone already does it and it is so simple that there is nothing to explain. For powder, you will need one and a half teaspoon of green tea powder and one cup of water, and you can always add one teaspoon of honey.

Step 1. Take a cup of water in a stainless bowl or glass bowl and heat it. The ideal temperature is always between 80 and 85 degrees Celsius. It is better to use a kitchen thermometer for the same.

Step 2. Turn off the heat when the boiling point is reached and let it cool down for half a minute. Then add green tea powder of one and a half teaspoon and let it brew.

Step 3. The ideal time for green tea brewing is 3 minutes, but halfway through, you can check for flavor and strength. After three minutes, the color should be brown and then pour it through a strainer and add honey to it.

That is how easily you can prepare green tea and keep your health better than black or milk tea.

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