Some of The Best Bars in Harlem That Are Worth Visiting


Harlem is known for its vibrant culture and tradition. If you want to really feel and embrace the cultural lifestyle of Harlem, you need to be active to be a part of its nightlife. When you talk about nightlight, music, and drinks come to the mind first. If you are in Harlem, you have to check out the best bars in Harlem and they are unlike any other bar you will come across. The ambiance and the enchanting d decoration and obviously, the music will leave a long-lasting impression in your memories.

1. Bier International

From its name, you can deduce the fact that it is the best place to have a beer. There are so many different beer mixtures that you just cannot get enough of them. Besides, the vibe inside the bar with its decoration will energize your inner core like never before.

2. The Corner Social

If you want to gel with the local people of Harlem and get the real feeling of being in an authentic bar like the ones you see in movies, The Corner Social is the place to be. It is a highly decorated place to indulge you in drinking and get you in the mood of ecstasy. There are classic cocktails available and the side dishes are equally mind-blowing.

3. 67 Orange Street

You can relive the nineteenth-century nostalgia in this place as it is a vintage space with filament bulbs, dark curtains, and distressed mirrors. The recipes are also inspired by 19th century’s dishes yet they have modern blends. Your glass of wine or the cup of beer will be something very different and extremely rich in pleasant memories of the past.

4. Harlem Tavern

It is one of the best bars in Harlem even though it is popular as one of the best places to dine in Harlem. This is a perfect combination of everything and you can take your family out on a dinner and enjoy some of the best beers, wines, and cocktails along with formal dinner items and side dishes.

5. Harlem Public

If you have a more casual approach, Harlem Public is the best as the local people crowd this place more often. There are awesome fries, burger, and terrific cocktails available to win your heart. There are seasonal and local beers and the bar offers a happy hour for making items pocket-friendly.

Apart from these, Shrine Bar, Paris Blues, At The Wallace, and 1020 Bar are what you can try out. They have amazing drinks too padded with awesome atmosphere and decorations.

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