Unspoken Restaurant Etiquette Rules You Should Obey All The Time

If you are going to a cheap local restaurant regularly, you might not develop the restaurant etiquette rules. You will find it hard to adjust to the environment of a fancy restaurant that you might visit on special occasions with your family or with your colleagues.  You have to obey some of the unspoken restaurant etiquettes if you do not want to get embarrassed in front of everyone and let others take a negative impression about you.

Dress Properly –

When you are going to a fancy restaurant, you cannot put on skinny dresses and sandals. You need to look like a million buck or at least decent enough for the place. Even some restaurants clearly mention the things you cannot wear in order to mention a proper environment. Do not let others pick on you and laugh at you for your stupid dresses.

Don’t Leave Anything On Table –

There are some people who take out their phones and wallets and place them on the table. It is considered to be a bad manner. Even some people keep their napkins on the table which is worst. Instead, you should keep all your belongings in your pockets no matter how uncomfortable it is. Use the napkin provided by the restaurant and place them on your lap instead of leaving it on the table.

Waiting For Everyone –

Wait for the waiter or waitress to serve everyone before you start eating. If you do not do such, it is disrespectful, and people will take a negative impression about your personality.

Don’t Call Out The Waiter –

It is a common thing observed that some people call out the waiter loudly as if they are calling out their servant. Instead, you should use your hand gesture and make eye contact to summon him. If he is far away, you can ask another waiter nearby you to ask your waiter to visit you.

Holding The Wineglass –

It is important to remember that you are not in the pub where anything goes, no one will care. In a restaurant, you should hold the wineglass by the stem as it falls under proper restaurant etiquette. If you do not want the waiter to pour wine into your glass, keep it upside down.

Leaving The Restaurant –

It is highly indecent to sit and gossip in the restaurant once you are finished eating. It is a general rule that you should leave the restaurant within ten minutes of having your meal complete. If you want to sit and gossip, get some drinks ordered. But it is better to make place for other customers without uselessly occupying the seats.

Paying The Bill –

If you are coming in a group, do not make any fuzz about paying the bill. Decide who will pay the bill beforehand. If you are splitting in, deposit the money beforehand to one person in the group and tell the waiter that you will pay for it.

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