What to See in Harlem? Explore Here the Best Places to Visit in Harlem

Harlem is situated in the northern section of Manhattan, and it is a major cultural, and tourist center. It is a great place that holds the combined beauty of music, art, and literature. If you are visited the New York City, Harlem is something you just cannot afford to miss. The following is the list of spots that you must see when you visit Harlem.

1. The Apollo Theater

A show at the Apollo Theater is a must when you visit Harlem. It is an iconic place, and there is a wide variety of programs to choose from as per your taste. There are family-friendly shows always on, and you can even take a historic tour of the theater besides watching the shows.

2. Abyssinian Baptist Church

It is the first African-American Baptist Church in the New York state area, and Harlem is in general known for African-American settlement. The Gospel Worship services are extremely popular, but you need to be aware of the service timings.

3. Northern Central Park

This is probably going to be the place in Harlem that will leave a long-lasting impression on your mind. The fountain, the rink, and the zoo combination is the paradise for tourists. There is 40-acre of the wooded section to explore and be one with nature. You can even carry your swimsuit and ice staking kit to Lasker Rink & Pool. There is also a calm pond and a wide area called Harlem Meer for jogging.


4. The Studio Museum of Harlem

It is a grand place where there is a collection of works from local, national, and international artists, especially who are African. It is free on Sunday, and there are family programs organized on the weekends. There are gallery tours and even hands-on workshops available for people of all ages. It is going to be interaction and extreme fun.


5. King Model Homes

If you want to see the architectural beauty that you can replicate at your place, you got to visit these 130-row houses. Different architecture firms designed these houses, and you can have a good morning or evening walk appreciating man-made replicable beauty.

6. Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row is a popular place in Harlem where there are different restaurants and bars available over a large stretch of area. You can start with Melba’s for food joint service, followed by Bier International whose specialty is beer. Other notable counters are Lido, Harlem Tavern, and Mess Hall.

Apart from these, a visit to The Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine is a must. Besides, a lunch or dinner at Sylvia’s cannot be missed. Lastly, Levain Bakery is one of the most visited places in Harlem for buns, cookies, and snacks that you have never ever tasted before.

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